Weed control ways for your garden

Being a gardener who is interested in growing and caring little vegetables or beautiful flowers, you may have the difficult time in eliminating hateful weed which attacks your garden and is stubborn to leave there. Weed is known as one of the most contumacious and dangerous culprits in your garden; it takes the places of other plants then uses water and fertilizer of your vegetables. Besides, the appearance of this unexpected resident also the necessary signals for the health decrease of plants in your garden. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have the efficient solutions so that we can control and get rid of this unwelcome guest as soon as possible. Here are some safe but useful ways that every gardener can consult:

  1. Hoeing land


Weed can be difficult to pull up by hands because its roots are very long, and they cling to the land. If you just use your hands and try to spend all of your efforts only, you just eliminate the upper roots as well as trunks; the roots left can still develop and continue growing up, become a new weed. This way seems not to be effective and energy-wasting for you to carry out. Ideally, every time you want to pull up these weeds, don’t forget to bring a hoe with you and pick as deeply as possible so that you can take all the roots from the ground.

If you do not have a weeding hoe, or you do not want to hold such heavy tool while gardening, you can use the lighter one for replacement such as a sharp knife or a sickle. These tools are also helpful for you to remove weeds quickly and efficiently.

  1. Drying weeds

After pulling weeds up, a lot of gardeners often gather them immediately to burn or threw into the rubbish bin then continue watering and fertilizing their garden. However, the fact shows that there still are a plenty of small weeds remaining on the surface of the ground, and they can quickly take them root and develop if they get the favorable condition. It is recommended that gardeners should expose the weeds pulled before for at least two days so that they become dry and cannot be alive again.

  1. Covering garden


If there is any space in your garden, weeds will quickly grow and develop. Therefore, if you cover all of the free space, these hateful guess will not have a chance to comeback. There are different ways for you to carry out such as using the straw to cover the areas surrounding your tree roots. If you do not have straw, use can use the dry leaves to replace. After a long time, the straws and leaves can be rotten and become foods for your plants.

  1. Using weed killer

With the modern and the development of industry, a lot of manufactures produces the great products which support the gardeners to control weeds in their garden. You can easily buy this best weed killer on the stores or purchase online on the internet. These products are quite effective and safe for your garden as well as getting rid of weeds very quickly.

Those are some of the typical solutions you should try to prevent your garden from weeds. Let follow and enjoy the results of these methods bring to you. Good luck!