How to Make a Simple Storage Box for Your Garden?

The box has many functions that you can take the use of the box to store a huge number of the items such as pens, sewing needle, or even the paper. Whenever we talk about the storage box, people usually think that they have to make a payment for it at any stores; however, you completely can do it by yourself with several steps. Today, we will guide you how to make the simple storage box.


Step 1: Choosing the materials

One of the most important phases that you need to carry out at first is to make a choice of the materials. The storage box can be made from various materials that you can find out on the market easily, including the woods, the plastic, or even the metals. To make the box, a majority of the people opts for the wood because they believe that it is easy for them to do. You can refer the best band saw for woodworking to choose the proper one. When choosing the materials, you should make for sure that you have enough materials for the storage box. Besides, the nails are necessary to prepare carefully.

Step 2: Cutting

Front-view-band-saw-miter-sled-e1289406844405After having the materials, you need to identify the dimension of the storage box that you intend to make. You must measure the size of the box exactly to cut the materials. You have to plan the height and the width of the storage box that you intend to build. If you do not have the exact dimension, you cannot make it. While cutting, you should take the use of the rulers or the straight boards to cut the materials directly, but you should remember to avoid the boards and do not cut it. Additionally, you should cut the materials into 6 pieces, depending on the magnitude of the box.

Step 3: Building the box

Next, you will build the box by using the cut pieces. In this step, you have to use the nail and the glue to attach the corners together with the outside edges. Afterward, you have to add more cleat to the corner to ensure that it will not be fallen out while using.

Step 4: Decorating

Painting-a-hive-box-with-primer.To make your box become more unique, you can decorate for it which is suitable for your style. Some people like to draw into the surface of the box, while other ones want to stick some things such as the flowers, sun, moons, or the stars to make it more colorful. There is an array of the things that you can use to decorate your storage box.

Generally speaking, making a simple storage box is just a piece of cake that all people can make a perfect one. You had better have a good preparation in terms of the materials and items in the decoration process before doing to avoid wasting time and money on the box. To last the longevity of the storage box, you must invest on the best materials like the oak, cedar and pine.