Hedgerows – An Indispensable Element For The French Garden Style

In view of the French in particular and European in general, not only do hedgerows create boundaries, but they also play decorative role and create green space for the garden.
That may be the answer to the question why hedgerows always be favoured in Western  garden architecture, especially French garden style , whether the process of urbanization entailing  rapid development of steel, concrete that  has been profoundly developed worldwide. 
Sometimes the appearance of hedgerows in the city is seen as a curtain which separates the present from the past, man from nature.

That trees are pruned according to strict geometric shapes, arrangement of symmetry or confusing order in lines is typical feature of the French style gardens.
Are there certain types of hedgerows?
There are 3 popular forms of hedgerows in French garden architecture: rectangular fence trapezoidal fence (trees) and oval fence  (shrubs).
Specifically,  the manicured  rectangular fence is the easiest form to apply. 
However, the biggest drawback of this type of fence is that they quickly lose their  leaves because of frequent pruning, and but if not, then the fence will hide the house from sunlight.Hedgerows

Cube fences are  kind of easy to grow but the major drawback is that they cannot absorb much of the natural sunlight.
HedgerowsThe two remaining forms of barriers seem to need less careness and do not absorb too much light but you’ll have to patiently wait for a long time to grow trees to reach the desired size in order to create a regular and beautiful hedgerow.
Trapezoidal fences which is made up of many tall trees are considered as the optimal solution.  Trapezoidal fences are both discreet enough and do not cover too much lights of the house.  
Oval fences (which is made up of  low  shrubs) are arranged skillfully to ensure privacy for the house.
What size fence should be?

Many 1.5 to 3 meters tall  hedgerows in the French garden architecture are considered as medium and also the most popular sizes. Houses have large areas  or are located in suburbs, the fence can be up to 5 meters.
Coniferous fences absolutely guarantee privacy for your apartment.Hedgerows
Oak, willow, … are usually planted to establish  a high hedgerow. In addition, wild roses, honeysuckle flowers, raspberries, vine crops are also grown for fencing or barriers of shrubs.

How to take care and maintain hedgerows ?
Whether you’re trying to choose kind of easy- to –grow trees  but if you want your hedgerows  French style be always beautiful , you still need a certain little attention. Surely you will not be able to get a looked-for hedge in a short time. In the first year of planting the hedgerows , please pay much more attention to moisture problems, especially when you start planting the trees in dry season. Watering from 1 to 2 times per day in early morning or late afternoon and combining lightly leave- watering  if possible. You  should not water the trees under scorching sun .

Amount of needed time to create a hedgerow of trees can be up to for years. But if you know in advance that you will get brilliant achievements like this, I guarantee you will have motivation to embark on planting now, won’t you? 
despite the fact that in early stages, your hedge does not look very nice, but the results after a few years of caring  is lush trees and beautiful flowers.

You can fertilize periodically if necessary and spray non-toxic  biological pesticide after cutting from 10 to 15 days because in this period the trees are budding out a lot of new shoots while many pests are being active . One more things is that you have to replace trees which are dead or trees sparse with new strong ones.

You probably become more and more carefull and thoughtfull at work because of frequently doing this very addtictive work –  taking care of the hedgerows.