Benefits Of Lemonade

The reasons why most of people often choose lemonade as a useful juice for their life

In markets all around the world, there are many fruits which are produced to supply for people’s life such as apple, orange, strawberry, kiwi, especially lemon. There will be more nutrient if you eat them every day. Apart from lemon, the other fruits are harvested according to their season. Besides that, lemon has also more benefits than another one. Lemon’s ingredients consist of vitamin B and C, potassium (more than apple and orange), iron, calcium, and magnesium. However, most people will mix lemon with water and sugar (called lemonade) whenever they want to use it because they usually say “sour like lemon”. Therefore, this way can make the sour from lemon be reduced, and it will be also easier to drink or do whatever. The more lemonade is used, the more benefits you will earn.


Benefits of lemonade

In normal way, most people acknowledge that the main benefit of lemonade is for people’ health, however, there are still more benefits than you expected.

Providing more power for your immune system

When you have trouble with stress, the level of vitamin C in your body is felt suddenly from its fixed level and it is one of the most crucial effects that can make you feel stress. Picking a lemonade glass is the best way for you during stress time. Lemonade or vitamin C juice can make the level of your stress lower, even disappear , as well as, drinking or providing some lemon juice will equal to providing power for your body. Let’s think of lemonade whenever we feel stressed.

Potassium in lemonade

The number of potassium in lemonade is very high. Therefore, there are also some benefits for your health. It is useful for cardiovascular disease, brain, nerve as well.

Dyspepsia and constipation

When you feel pain due to having difficulty in digesting food or are not able to get rid of wastes from the bowels outside, think about a lemonade glass because it can help you more. It can treat some issues related to them. In every morning, slide a piece of lemon and eat it in or before your breakfast. This is good for your indigestion or dyspepsia and constipation as well. Besides that, it can also help to protect you from some signs of dyspepsia which show that you are not healthy like heartburn. However, it will make you bored if you eat a piece of lemon in the morning. One small tip you can handle that you can make a lemon soda cup with the ingredients include lemon juice, soda, a little salt, ice cubes (be able to be made from fridge, but portable ice maker will help you save your time in the morning), and mint leaves if you want. A glass of lemon soda will make you fresher and more comfortable.

Hair care

Lemonade is very useful for your hair or scalp. It can help to improve your hair better. Moreover, it can treat some issues related to hair and scalp like dandruff, hair loss or something like that.

Skin care

Lemon is a fruit which include more vitamin C than another. Therefore, drinking a glass of lemon juice just like providing a glass of vitamin C per day for your body make your skin become better. Lemon is like a medicine which is made from nature. It can also treat some problems about your skin like wrinkles, blemishes, and blackhead. If you add a little honey into a glass of your lemon juice and drink it every day, a healthy and soft, even flawless skin you usually dream of will be come true.

Giving a hand for some people who want to treat for coffee addiction

Choosing a drink in every morning is a great way for you to enjoy your new day. Coffee is one of the most popular kinds of drink that all people like, but it is not good in some conditions. Therefore, if you have a cup of coffee in the morning day after day, once you realize that you become a coffee addiction. How can you wean off? Instead of choosing coffee for your morning, you can choose a glass of lemonade because it can help you to detoxify coffee. Moreover, there are more benefits for your health, hair, skin, even weight loss.

Weight loss

Drink a glass of lemon juice (no sugar) or mixing lemon juice with honey in every morning. It will be better if you drink your juice before 30 minute-breakfast.  Pectin fiber in lemon is one of the main reasons make you do not feel craven after you drink lemonade. You will have a better result about your weight if you enjoy a glass of lemonade in every morning.


Lemonade is known as a natural medicine for human’s life.  It brings many benefits for us. Just enjoy a cup of lemonade everyday, you will have many benefits for your health, hair, skin, detox coffee, weight, and even more than that.